Tailored Home is a dedicated, energetic team of plumbing, electrical and smart home technology technicians with a nearly tangible passion for the work we do driven by customer satisfaction over a financial bottom line.


As our name suggests, we’re a home services company providing a different approach to the way homeowners shop for repairs and improvements to their homes plumbing and electrical systems! Simplicity and follow through is the name of the game. View pricing for almost every service we provide, select your service or services and view our schedule and choose the day and time that fits your schedule. It's that simple. You'll know who your technician is prior to your appointment and can even track them while they are traveling to your home through our mobile app. We have created a system that allows each of our priceless clients to tailor plumbing and electric services for their home based on your needs, your goals, your desired home comfort and efficiency and your budget.

Driven By Happy Homeowners

Nothing is more important to our business than our customers. Your patronage means the world to us, and we work hard to achieve customer loyalty. With our expansive list of home services, we hope to service all of your residential needs for years to come. From indoor lighting to sump pumps, water heaters to video doorbells, we’re trained and certified to efficiently diagnose any problem or properly install any fixture. 

We Provide Down to Earth Pricing

One of the obstacles of having a home service emergency is not knowing who to trust with the job. Many companies can make a repair, but how can you guarantee that the job is being done right or that you’re being charged the right amount? You shouldn’t need to have faith that your home services company isn’t ripping you off; you should know what they’re doing!

Since 2005, Tailored Home has offered upfront pricing to each of our customers. We let you know right away the cost of the project before we begin. No bait-and-switches or unforeseen fees and obstacles. Every aspect of a job is communicated as we strive to offer the highest quality work while keeping you in-the-know. Additionally, our technicians take the time to educate you about how to make your home safer and more efficient.

We Promise 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our award-winning staff is constantly working to provide great customer service to homeowners in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. As plumbing, electrical, water quality and smart home service guru's, we are in a constant process of educating ourselves on new products and services so we are always able to stand behind our promise of offering the best products paired with installations that last. At Tailored Home, we make it a priority to maintain a clean and safe work environment while in your home. Not only to keep us safe but to keep your family members and pets safe as well. Keeping the gate shut so the dog doesn't get out or having the awareness that your hardwood floor has potential to be scratched if we are careless with the clippings from the electrical wires. We are skilled experts in our fields as you'd expect. The job is second nature to us which gives us the freedom of thought to focus on the details that most other companies overlook or disregard. 

In summary, Tailored Home provides homeowners the most simplistic process of shopping for plumbing, electric, water quality and smart home repair and installation for their homes. Select the service, view our pricing, pick your day and time directly on our calendar, track our progress from start to finish and securely pay when the job is done online or in person with paperless billing and safe payment processing.  

Call us with any questions. Our phones are answered by the same technicians that work in our clients homes. You'll get the best advice and recommendations right from the start.



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