Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair

Your Garbage Disposal is often overlooked as a key component to the functionality of your kitchen... Until it stops working and then it's the center of attention causing backed up drains, leaks and much more. Tailored Home understands that the last thing you need is more stress or headaches so we offer the most complete and trusted garbage disposal installation and repair packages available and stand behind our workmanship for life. So if you're in need of advice on whether it's time to repair or replace your garbage disposal, there is nobody that makes it easier to get it done than Tailored Home. Give Us A Call To Schedule 513-586-2979 or use our innovative online booking system to save time and money.    

Garbage Disposal Installation Cost

There are a few variables that we factor into our up-front pricing such as:

  • Type of sink - Will it support the new disposal.

  • Electrical Wiring - Is the existing wiring suitable in good condition and GFCI protected.

  • Pipe Configuration - Is the existing drain configuration suitable for the new disposal.

  • Is the sink a single basin or double basin.

According to the average cost to replace a garbage disposal is between $130 and $532 depending on the brand and type of garbage disposal unit and whether you have your friends uncle that used to be a plumber install it or the Professionals at Tailored Home install it. We are biased towards the latter. 

If you have questions prior to selecting which service fits your needs best, please contact us by phone, text, email, chat or if it's not windy, smoke signals work well too.

Garbage Disposal Installation Services 

Our professional technicians arrive prepared for anything with a can-do-attitude and ready to install nearly all makes and models of garbage disposals whether you buy it from us or elsewhere. We will reconfigure your plumbing to accommodate the new disposal, if necessary. Inspect and correct the existing wiring or even install a new protected circuit. Replace the drain strainer on a single basin or new strainers on a double basin sink. With Tailored Home, you don’t have to worry about leaky pipes and water damage. We guarantee our workmanship for life, never make a mess and our technicians are hand-picked for their skill and customer service aso you'll enjoy having us in your home. 


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